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Customer Complaints Process

The primary objective of the Customer Complaints Process, which has been in effect since 2005, is to support BC Ferries’ Vision and Mission statement. Our definition of success is:

“to provide to our customers integrated marine transportation services that are safe, reliable and continuously improving, while delivering best value for money and operating in a manner that preserves our financial integrity.”

The feedback received at BC Ferry Services Inc. is viewed as an opportunity to hear what the customers think about the services we provide. Hearing from our customers helps us to understand if we are meeting or exceeding their expectations, or conversely, what areas we need to focus on to support our Corporate Vision and Mission.

Pursuant to the Coastal Ferry Act 219 Section 45.2, BC Ferries has provided the Complaints Process to the BC Ferry Commissioner.

BC Ferries provides a Complaints Resolution Report to the
BC Ferry Commissioner four times each fiscal year.

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