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Assured Loading Card

What is the Assured Loading Card and how does it work?

The BC Ferries Assured Loading Card is an electronic swipe card that can be loaded with Assured Loading Tickets (ALTs) only. ALTs provide priority travel on three major Vancouver Island/Mainland routes when presented to the Ticket Agent at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Participating routes include:

  • Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay 
  • Tsawwassen-Duke Point 
  • Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay

ALT users must register their cards online and agree to the terms and conditions before the purchase of Assured Loading Tickets can be completed. This will ensure that BC Ferries can contact ALT users with product information if needed.

Click here to register your Assured Loading Card.


Assured Loading Card

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Here is some additional information to help you determine if ALTs are right for you:

  • The cost of ten ALTs is $1,550.* Ten ALTs must be purchased at the time of sale, as tickets cannot be purchased individually.
  • One ALT covers one personal vehicle (up to 2.13m or 7’ in height, up to 6.10m or 20’ in length) plus driver fare.
  • You can use your ALT product at any ticket booth, regardless of the destination displayed.
  • At heavy traffic times, show your card to the highway traffic controller indicating you’ll be using an ALT. Note that if the card is used to gain priority access to the ticket booth and there are no ALTs on the card, customers will be directed to return to the end of the regular queue.

Please note the following Terms and Conditions of the ALT product:

  • ALTs expire 2 years from date of purchase.
  • Once your tickets expire they cannot be used for travel.
  • The value of expired ALTs is not refundable and may only be used toward the purchase of a new set of ALTs for a period of six (6) months after expiry.
  • BC Ferries reserves the right to limit ALT quantities held on the BC Ferries Assured Loading Card to a maximum of $3,000 worth of ALTs.
  • After the six-month grace period, any remaining value is forfeited and will be removed from the card.   
  • It is your responsibility to decide when you will use your ALTs.
  • ALT travel is exempt from any regular discounts such as senior, student or disabled fares.
  • BC Ferries reserves the right to limit the number of ALT spaces per sailing.
  • More than one ALT can be redeemed per sailing.
  • See our Fares PDF for conditions of carriage
  • For complete terms and conditions about Assured Loading Tickets, please click here or call our Customer Service Centre.

* Price subject to change without notice.

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